Wembley Stadium - Carabao Cup Final

Enjoy Big event in Wembley Stadium – Carabao Cup Final

Football- A superb sport that fills everyone with energy and excitement. It has been popular for over 100 years. You will be glad to know that the EFL cup, known as Carabao Cup Final, is happening this year at Wembley stadium. It is one of the most significant events at Wembley that witnesses a huge crowd of its fans. You can feel the stadium atmosphere with its full seats and enthusiastic fans inside.

But what’s new this time? If you have been following the Carabao Cup for a long time, you would know that its still the honour of Manchester City, they won it against Chelsea in a cagey affair that went to a penalty shootout last year. Manchester City has won this cup for two consecutive years, and they are ready to keep this winning streak going. This time they are defending the title against Aston Villa. So let’s be a part of the greatest football leagues and watch our favourite players striking the ball in style. Further information regarding the tickets, hospitality, and travel are below:


This time the tickets will be sold through competing clubs. So don’t worry if you didn’t have yours. Once the clubs are decided, the tickets will be available.

The Hospitality

To provide the best experience, Wembley stadium has a lot more things to offer. Along with seats, it has many other facilities to offer its visitors.
You can be a spectator, book your seat to witness history in the making. The breathtaking strikes in the last few minutes, the final thunderclap on victory, and the sight of your heroes being legends. Enjoy the best experience, and then you can say happily, that yes I was there!

Private boxes? Yes, Wembley Club offers private boxes to its visitors. With these boxes, you can own your experience as you don’t rent it. You can bring your friends, family, and colleagues to your private box and can enjoy the superb hospitalit with a fantastic view. your private box can also be used for other purposes like meetings, dining, parties, entertaining. It’s your second home, available for you to use, even on non-event days.

The Experience

The Wembley Stadium is the home for many of the best names in sports, music, and entertainment. From the best food to delight every one of its fans to give an electrifying experience for every sport, it holds a special place in everyone’s heart. So don’t miss the chance to be a part of such an iconic club.


You will need a place where you can stay after such extended visits and a tiring day after the event, so to make your stay more comfortable and get you to the stadium on time, Alexandra Guest House is there for you! Wembley stadium is about 21 minutes from Hemel. And Hemel has 33 trains from here to Wembley!

We at Alexandra Guest House have the comfiest rooms and a beautiful place to visit and make your trip worthwhile. So enjoy the event and take some happy memories with you.

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