5 Reasons to Choose Alexandra B&B Over Hotel

A break from dreariness and monotony is required every now and then. Moving away from the hustle-bustle of regular day-to-day existence can end-up being productive and help you hit the imaginary reset button. Having said that, we know that the #1 thing on your to-do list while planning for that relaxing break is making travel arrangements and scouring for accommodation. While there are a lot of choices to pick your staycation spot, not all are made equal. Lodgings, Hotels, Inns, Guesthouses, the usual tourist may drown in decisions. However, the motivation behind this blog is to guide you, rather widen your point of view and let you in on the advantages of booking a guesthouse. More specifically, it is to reserve your visit at one of Hemel Hempstead’s most famous Alexandra B&B over a typical hotel stay.

The first thought that pops right up and that, as you may state, is the fact that hotels have countless more exercises and recreational choices. While that might hold true, we must draw upon the realisation that while vacationing, half of the time is spent ticking off places on our itinerary, and we might not be able to relish them vs the amount we spend booking them thoroughly.

This 30-room bed and breakfast guesthouse located at the core of Hemel Hempstead very well could be your next most loved accommodation spot in Hertfordshire. Here are 5 reasons why you should book your stay at Alexandra B&B:

1. Budget-Accommodating Yet Lavish Stays

At the point when you look at what you would pay for a hotel in Hemel Hempstead, you would find that you would pay impressively less for a room in a guesthouse. In case you’re stressed that this implies lower quality; the rooms of guesthouses have demonstrated to bring to the table as much extravagance as found in hotels. It is safe to say that you are looking for a luxurious warm stay with excellent facilities and prompt service? Alexandra B&B offers all that.

2. Amenities That Make Your Visit a Value for Money

Given the fact that guesthouses tend to be smaller than hotels and less bustling, the quality and promptness of service rendered will be top-notch. Alexandra B&B provides great amenities ranging from Wi-fi services to coffee-makers and microwaves in-room. CCTV’s around the perimeter guarantee you a secure and safe stay

3. Seventh-Heaven for Travelers

A centrally located Bed & Breakfast, only 100yds from the historic Old Town High Street and 5 minutes walk from the new shopping centre, so it’s ideal if you are in town for business. There are many fine walks here in Hemel Hempstead – along with the Grand Union canal, the lovely Gadebridge Park at the end of our road and the surrounding countryside is charming.

4. Alexandra B&B is Upgrading to HYPNOS Beds (the most comfortable mattresses on the planet)

HYPNOS mattresses pay attention to their duty regarding encouraging you to rest soundly and awaken better. Created with nature’s best materials, HYPNOS mattresses upscale beds to upgrade your wellbeing and prosperity, Alexandra B&B has reasonably planned, eco-accommodating and customised beddings that are perfect for you to appreciate an unwinding and reviving night’s rest. Reason enough? We think, yes!

5. A Tradition of Delivering the Best

Delivering the best is customary at Alexandra B&B. The staff prioritises supreme visitor experience for the ones who book accommodation at bed and breakfast stays at Hemel Hempstead Guesthouse, Alexandra B&B. With positive customer ratings at Trustpilot, the stay is perhaps exceedingly luxurious. As a rule, the rooms are bigger than hotels, giving you more space to rest, relax and reset without compromise.

Your home away from home!

Guesthouses are a great way to unravel because hotels tend to be much more bustling.  Your expectations of rewinding in guesthouses are far more likely as you wouldn’t be exposed to crowded settings and screaming toddlers.

An ambience so warm and fulfilling, home-sick is about to be just another word in the dictionary. Customized services, fantastic facilities and a cosy home-like atmosphere will get you coming back for more. Now that you know about these bonuses; make an excuse, book your tickets and get hunting for more reasons to visit one of the best accommodations in Hemel Hempstead! A warm, welcoming, budget-friendly yet luxurious stay awaits you at Alexandra B&B.

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