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Why Alexandra Guesthouse Location is Advantageous

Engage travellers by telling what makes Alexandra property and its location unique. come up with its proximity to  Luton and Webmbly. These places are quiet happening.

With a fantastic history and about 90,000 people population, Hemel Hempstead is at the heart of the UK. Being at the core of the country, it has a lot to offer its visitors, whether you are coming to enjoy a vacation, or you are travelling here for business purposes, it has something for everyone.

 But finding a suitable place to stay can be a problem. Alexandra Guest House is one of the best affordable hotels in Hemel Many factors make it an advantageous for you. How? Let’s have a close look at it!

Positioned just off the centre and close to- The Old Town

It is a much loved local area in  Hemel Hempstead. With all its historic style and charm, the old town will take you back to its history. It received its town character from Henry VIII in 1539 and also has a historic center along its high street. The High street is said to be the prettiest street in the town. People can enjoy the old Victorian, Georgian, and Tudor architecture all in one place. The recently refurbished stone pathways are only adding more stars to its beauty.

Along with the historic vibes, it also has a great selection of shops and all are within easy walking distance. You can find shops including, art, antiques, quality giftware, furniture, angling supplies, soft furnishing, flowers, holistic well being, travel agents, bicycles, hair, and beauty salons. It also serves your food cravings with ultimate cuisines like Thai, Indian, Italian, and traditional British. All needs are fulfilled in one place. It is just a matter of 100 yds away from our hotels in Hemel Hempstead.  Interesting, isn’t it?

Like to take long walks- Here is the way

Long walks are always said to be the best when you are visiting a new town. It helps you to explore beauty hiding in different places. It let you breathe in the colorful and cheerful air of the area.  Hemel Hempstead also offers good walks along the Grand Union canal and the lovely Gadebridge Park.

The Gadebridge Park touches the bank of the River Gade and is in the north of Old Town. Along with the beautiful sights are beds of flowers. a children’s playground, and walled gardens, the beauty of the river is mesmerizing for anyone who has not visited here before. It’s more like a picturesque chalk stream that rises from the Dagnall in the Chilterns.

Similarly, the Grand Union Canal is the longest in the UK. It links London to Birmingham and cuts through here by Apsley, a small mill village. Take boat ways and experience a different kind of world here. Both are at the end of our hotel road.

Transportation- Not an issue here!

People, when visit new places like to explore as much as they can. Here transportation plays an important role. Hemel enjoys superb train links. and If you are a fan of football, you might wish to watch the Carabao cup final which is happening in Wembley stadium, and it is just 21 minutes away from Hemel.  Hemel has 33 trains going to Wembley! .

Similarly, you can visit Luton, which is also the same distance as Wembley. It is also the home for one home league side – Luton Town Football Club. Also London Luton Airport is one of England’s major airports. You can even enjoy the Luton carnival, which is organized in July and is the biggest in Europe.

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